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If you dont make your car loan payments the lender can repossess the car. The Car Loan Term. The length of the car loan or loan term simply refers to the amount of time you have to pay the lender back. If you sign up for a five-year term in five years you'll pay the money back and will own the car free and clear. The vast majority of auto loans are repaid in monthly installments. You send the lender a set amount each month and slowly pay off the loan.
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Locate a Bank of America authorized dealer near you. Zip Code Go to dealer locator search results. Auto Loan Rates Current Car Loan Rates at Bank of America View and compare Bank of America's current auto loan rates for new and used cars and discover options that may help you save money. Compare today's auto loan rates March 19 2016 0300 AM Eastern. Take a look at our current auto loan rates for new cars used cars and refinancing. Compare auto loan rates and loan types or learn more about additional savings for customers.
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Now there are a few buts here WalletHub looks at the rates for a 36-month loan and a lot of car buyers want a 60-month term for a more manageable monthly payment. Also these rates are what people with credit scores of 720 or better can expect to get. With lower credit youll probably still be able to get a car loan but you might be limited to what the dealer offers and you could wind up paying high single digits or even double-digit interest rates McBride says.
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Find the right car for you. Compare Auto Loan rates. Select a loan type. 60 month used car. 48 month used car. 60 month new car. 48 month new car. See all auto loan products. 60 month auto refinance. 48 month auto refinance. 36 month auto refinance. Find rates Search Please select a loan type. Toyota helps kids learn to drive. You might be surprised if your 2nd grader tells you he learned to drive in a Toyota but if you live in Lexington Kentucky it might be a reality. Low interest auto financing.
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New or second-hand vehicle. Quick and easy application. Do you want to buy a new or second-hand vehicle without breaking your budget? With an ING Car Loan you can buy your dream car now without touching a cent of your savings. You can even borrow up to 110% of the purchase price! Simple apply online and get a fast decision on your car loan.
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1 How much are you looking to borrow? Auto Type New Car. 2 What is your credit score? Poor 639 or less. Filter offers by term. Whether you're in the market for a new auto loan or want to refinance your current one first take time to review your auto financing options.

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